Xbox Live Gets Booed By PC QuakeCon Attendees

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There must be a lot of PC players that attend QuakeCon every year as the words “Xbox Live” didn’t get a very nice reception from people attending the event.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines was up on stage doing a presentation to QuakeCon attendees as well as those watching the stream on Twitch. Before Doom was announced, Hine was talking about all the sweet deals you can get from them on Steam. The crowd applauded what he had to say about Steam and its deals. When he switched over to talk about Xbox Live’s deals, the crowd immediately booed.

He said for Xbox Live players “that aren’t PC folk” this is for you. He also mentioned Xbox Live was for those watching the stream as it seemed as if most people at QuakeCon don’t play on consoles. Hines kind of took a dig and said that this is for the “kids” that haven’t jumped on board to the PC platform yet.

The hate for Microsoft and Xbox consoles mainly started last year. This was during the bad time Microsoft announced its controversial plans for the Xbox One’s features. Microsoft’s Xbox One got booed at EVO 2013 last year when Killer Instinct was being displayed.

Microsoft has actually done a good job improving the Xbox One by reversing all of its controversial features. For PC gamers however, they still don’t like anything “Xbox” related.

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