(Update) Xbox Live Goes Down Yet Again

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Update 3: Xbox Live should be back up online for the majority of users now.

Update 2: It’s down again right now. Hopefully it comes back online eventually like it did yesterday.

Update: It looks like Xbox Live is back up online now. Don’t be worried if you cannot log-in yet. The system usually needs time to be restored fully.

It’s Friday night in North America, yet Xbox Live seems to be down for a second time this week.

The official Xbox Live status website clearly shows that most of the services are limited at the moment. People cannot sign in using the Xbox One or Xbox 360 consoles. It’s bad timing since Friday night and Saturday are usually times when people relax at home.

You can see a lot of people are tweeting on Twitter right now who are not happy that Xbox Live is down right now. The service was slightly down a few days ago, although it didn’t last very long.

It’s early days now, so nobody knows why Xbox Live is down currently. The Xbox Support Twitter page has only mentioned that a problem has occurred and that they are currently investigating the issue. Hopefully it’s a minor thing and nothing too serious.

Xbox Live and PSN took a hit last year when the Lizard Squad were running rampant. Thankfully the group stopped their DDOS attacks when Kim Dot Com of all people intervened. They’ve stopped causing havoc, although some copycat groups might still be out there.

We will update this story when Xbox Live comes back.

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