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Xbox Live Gold Members Will Get Something Exclusive During E3 2015

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Microsoft will be rewarding something “exclusive” to Xbox Live Gold members during E3 2015 week.

A NeoGAF user received an email from Microsoft hyping up their E3 2015 presentation. The bottom part of the email is where things get interesting.

The email at the bottom said:Our Xbox Live Gold Members can expect an exclusive deal at XboxE3

It sounds like Microsoft will be giving something cool to Xbox Live Gold members. Something “exclusive” sounds every exciting.

There’s not a lot evidence yet on what exactly Xbox Live Gold members will be receiving during E3 week. We’ll just have to wait and see when Microsoft takes to the stage.

Other NeoGAF users have guessed on what this exclusive item might be for Xbox Live Gold members. Some suggest something small like an avatar or a discount.

Some other guesses are slightly more generous. It would be cool if a Rise of the Tomb Raider beta was offered to Xbox Live Gold members. Some people suggest betas for Halo 5: Guardians and Fable Legends could be on offer too.

The other guess could be some more free games for Xbox Live Gold members. Although this happens every month, so it could be something else.

What do you think Xbox Live Gold members will receive during E3 2015?

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