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Xbox Live outage affecting EA multiplayer connections

by William Schwartz


Xbox Live is partially down again for many multiplayer games.  Users on social media are reporting that multiplayer modes across a number of different games that require Xbox Live to connect players, simply aren’t working.

Electronic Arts titles like Battlefield, FIFA, Madden and NHL appear to see the most complaints,  and the developers of said games have taken to Twitter to assure fans that it’s a problem with Xbox Live and not the games themselves.

We’ve confirmed that Battlefield 4 and the Battlefield: Hardline beta are both unplayable in terms of multiplayer.  Moving over to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we were able to connect to a game and actually play multiplayer, so it’s not affecting all games on Xbox Live, nor is it affecting core functionality like parties and chat.

Right now, the Xbox Live Service Status page lists  Social and Gaming as “Limited,” but clearly lists FIFA 15, Madden 15, and Battlefield:Hardline as games that are having issues.

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