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Xbox Live Status Limited On Xbox 360

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You might have a hard time signing into Xbox Live today if you are trying to do so on the Xbox 360 console. It seems to be down for 360 owners.

The official Xbox Live Status page currently says:

Hey Xbox members, are you having issues attempting to sign into Xbox Live or downloading the update? Additionally, are you having a hard time purchasing gamertag changes? We’re aware of these issues, and we’re working to find a fix ASAP! Thanks for staying patient while we work. We’ll fill you in as soon as we have more information.

As of this moment, only people with an Xbox 360 console are affected. The website did not say this is an issue that Xbox One owners are experiencing. Xbox Live is only down for Xbox 360 owners.

People on Twitter have commented on the current Xbox Live issue. As expected, many of them are trying to sign in using the Xbox 360 console. Nobody has really raised an issue on this that owns an Xbox One console.

The Xbox Support page has been answering a lot of people having issues with Xbox Live. They have just replied that the team is working on a fix.

It doesn’t look like a problem being caused by hackers or anything like that. Hopefully things get fixed so people can start playing on their Xbox 360 console again.

We’ll update this post when Xbox Live is back up online for Xbox 360 folks.

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