Update: Xbox Live Down In The UK Thanks To The Lizard Squad

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The Lizard Squad are back to their old antics yet again by taking down Xbox Live for many UK users.

Christmas Day has now come upon many parts of the world and The Lizard Squad are trying to keep their promise of giving out “presents” to gamers. They’ve announced that they have taken down Xbox Live in the UK on Twitter.

Checking Twitter comments online, it looks like Xbox Live is down for several people, but not everyone. The official Xbox Live status page says people will be finding it hard to sign in on Xbox 360 and not Xbox One.

This is interesting as Lizard Squad usually takes down the whole Xbox Live service. It appears they have yet to affect people from around the world and those playing on Xbox One.

The Lizard Squad had a small hiatus after a rival group called the The Finest Squad took them on. They managed to suspend their original Twitter accounts and keep them offline temporarily. The Lizard Squad eventually made several new Twitter accounts and is persistent. The Finest Squad is yet to take down The Lizard Squard permanently it looks like.

PSN owners and those living in North America should be wary as it looks like The Lizard Squad isn’t finished giving out “presents” for Christmas…

Update: It looks like Xbox Live is slowly going back online for users. The Xbox Live Status website says services are up and running again.

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