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Xbox One Background Music Won’t Be Releasing Earlier Than Summer 2016

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Microsoft has given us several cool Xbox One features such as backwards compatibility. Background music, however, has yet to be included and it’s not coming anytime soon.

A fan on Twitter asked Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, when will we see background music coming to the Xbox One. Spencer replied with: “Won’t be before summer sorry to say.”

This means we have to wait until Summer 2016 at the earliest to see if background music can be possible on the Xbox One console. Spencer previously stated that Microsoft is waiting to implement it because they want the feature to be “done right”.

In other words, Microsoft does not want to rush out the background music feature out the door. They are waiting until the feature is perfect and up to standard with their customers.

It’s just odd that the Xbox One lacks this feature since the Xbox 360 already has it. The PS4 also lacks some features that the PS3 has, like the ability to play music CDs and changing the wallpaper.

Hopefully Microsoft makes an announcement during E3 2016 about it. Background music is a cool feature if you want to liven up the mood of a particular game.

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