Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Won’t Cover Full Xbox 360 Games Library

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Microsoft has admitted that Xbox One backwards compatibility won’t be able to cover the full Xbox 360 games library as it’s not possible.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda talked more about Xbox One backwards compatibility during a new interview with Official Xbox Magazine (via GamesRadar).

Tsunoda confirmed Microsoft’s words at E3 2015 with over 100 360 games being available to play by Fall 2015. This will come as a new update that owners will have to download whenever it comes available.

He later said the company will try its best to add more titles as time goes by. The thing that will prevent the full 360 library on being compatible is when they need “permission of the owners of the content, the publishers and the developers“.

Tsunoda concluded that achieving 100% is a “hard thing” so it’s unlikely every game will be compatible for the Xbox One. They won’t be able to get permission from everybody.

I’m guessing licensed games might be the toughest one to crack. Licences for movies, comic book heroes and more eventually expire. Games that feature famous licenses might be hard for Microsoft to get permission from everyone since they bounce around a lot.

Microsoft has confirmed Xbox 360 Kinect games won’t be Xbox One backwards compatible. They only work with the original console and Kinect device. This is not a big loss as I’m sure not many people are dying to play Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z or even Hulk Hogan on Kinect…

Hopefully most of the popular games are eventually backwards compatible on Xbox One. Many people will like to see the older Call of Duty games and Red Dead Redemption just to name a few.

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