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Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Could Have Been A Wii Game With A Female Character

by Damian Seeto


The Xbox One version of Scalebound could have been a lot different if it were made back in 2006.

The game’s producer, Hideki Kamiya, was interviewed by Gamespot. Kamiya described how the game was originally going to be if it were made back in 2006.

Scalebound was originally going to be released for the Nintendo Wii and make use of all of the motion control features. The motion controls were a way for you to direct orders to dinosaurs. That’s another thing, the game had dinosaurs instead of dragons as we see today.

However, PlatinumGames went on to develop Bayonetta then the concept of the game changed into featuring dragons. However, the original main character was a young girl. The young girl didn’t fight as she would just observe the dragons fighting.

Kamiya didn’t feel like that would make for an exciting game. He changed it into a swordsman who someone who is older. This is how the Dante-like character came to be as we have seen from the trailers that have been revealed for the game.

It would have been interesting to see what Scalebound could have been if it were a Wii exclusive. However, the game looks much prettier now that it’s on the newer Xbox One console.

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