The Xbox One Is Not Selling Well In China

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The Xbox One had a strong start in China back in September, although it appears sales never started to grow from there.

As reported by Techweb, the company that is responsible for selling the Xbox One console in China lost a lot of money. BeSTV partnered with Microsoft to sell the console in China in 2014. BeSTV however lost RMB 17.24 million (US$2.75 million) in 2014.

There have not been any updates to the number of Xbox One consoles that were sold in China. The only number that has been shared was the 100,000 consoles that were sold back in September during its launch.

Many outlets note it’s an uphill battle to sell Xbox One consoles in China. The console is region-locked in China so Chinese gamers cannot import games from overseas. It has also been noted that the list of Xbox One games that are available in China are minuscule.

The only way Microsoft and BeSTV can recover from this is with the release of Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft is set to localize the game to the Chinese market, and will be the Xbox One’s biggest game release for 2015.

Both Microsoft and BesTV were hoping to sell around 5 million Xbox One console in China. It appears that target was too ambitious…

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