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Xbox One Is Now Cheaper Than PS4 Over In The UK

by Damian Seeto


Microsoft has slashed the price of the Xbox One console that it is even cheaper to buy than the PS4 over in the UK.

Back in November 2013, the Xbox One set you back £429.99. This was the bundle that also included the Kinect sensor. Around the world, the Xbox One was more expensive than the PS4. Over in North America, the console cost $499 as opposed to the cheaper PS4 which is only $399.

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced that it will now be selling the Xbox One withuout the Kinect added. This reduced the console to £349.99 over in the UK. This matched the same price of the PS4. This mirrors North America too with both consoles now only $399.

Microsoft may have been unhappy with the increase of sales of the PS4 this month. PS4 sales have jumped 300 percent thanks to Destiny. This has prompted the company to slash the price of the Xbox One to actually make it cheaper than the PS4 for the first time in the UK.

You can now get a standalone Xbox One console for only £329.99. Some UK retailers are even matching the new price as Amazon is selling the White Sunset Overdrive bundle for £329.99 as well.

- This article was updated on:September 23rd, 2014

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