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Xbox One Preview Program Has Received Yet Another Update That Is Rolling Out Now

by Dean James


The Xbox One has been really good about consistent system updates since its launch, with gamers getting a new update every month or two for the most part. Those who are members of the exclusive Xbox One Preview Program get much smaller updates much more often, and after getting them every few days lately, there is another out now.

As announced through the members only Xbox One Preview Program forums, update th2_xb_rel_1602.160210-2122 is now starting to roll out for those who are part of the program.

Unlike the previous update that dealt with a new app, this one involves two of the biggest features of the Xbox One with Game DVR and Parties, which hopefully will be fixed now.

Game DVR has evidently had an issue where deleted clips would reappear, which obvious could cause issues with disc space on the HDD. Luckily, this update should have solved. Parties has also had problems where users would be booted from a party with no notification after they shared content or launched profile selection.

This latest Xbox One Preview Program update has just started to roll out tonight, so you may not have it yet. However, if you do not have it by February 14 at at 1:00 am PST, you will be prompted to update at that time.

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