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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Officially Revealed

The new version of the console will cost less and have 1 TB of space.

by Dylan Siegler


After a number of leaks and rumors surfaced, Microsoft have finally officially revealed their plans to release a diskless version of the Xbox One S.

The announcement was made today (April 16) during this month’s Inside Xbox presentation. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition was revealed, which will operate just like a normal Xbox One S, but without a disk drive, which obviously means that players will only be able to play games digitally, with the console being incompatible with physical games on disk.

However, some gamers may find this version of the console to be worth the missing disk drive for a few reasons. For one thing, this All-Digital Edition will be the most affordable version of the console, costing $249.99 new, while the normal Xbox One S costs $299.99. Additionally, whenever the Xbox One S sees a price drop, such as when it’s on sale, the All-Digital Edition will also see a price drop, always maintaining a price point $50 lower than the normal version.

This All-Digital Edition will also come with three games pre-downloaded onto the console: MinecraftSea of Thieves, and Forza: Horizon 3. The console will also have a 1 TB hard drive, giving players plenty of space for other games as well. Lastly, those who buy the All-Digital Edition will be given access to a deal in which they can get three months of Xbox Game Pass for $1 (after which normal charge rates apply).

The All-Digital Edition will be released on May 7 and is currently available for pre-order.

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