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Xbox One S Has A Modest Performance Boost Compared To Xbox One

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The slimmer model of the Xbox One (called the Xbox One S) is available now, and its most notable features are its smaller size and support for 4K blu-rays. However, one of the things that has not been touched upon too much is how the console performs compared to the original Xbox One, and it has now been revealed that it does perform better.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry recently benchmarked the Xbox One S, and they came up with performance boosts that reached as high as 11% depending on the game. You won’t see performance boosts this high across all of the games, but the typical game will usually give a performance that is at least half of that.

The reasoning for the Xbox One S performing better than the Xbox One is its GPU, as it has a 914 Mhz speed compared to the 853 Mhz speed of the Xbox One. Improved ESRAM bandwidth is another factor, with the Xbox One S’s 219GB/s topping Xbox One’s 204GB/s.

It definitely isn’t a system seller if the only thing you’re looking for is improved performance, but the Xbox One S does have some perks outside of the aforementioned 4K blu-ray support and smaller size. It won’t be holding a candle to the Xbox One Scorpio, however, which is currently slated to launch by the end of 2017.

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