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Xbox One Sells Horribly In Its First Week In Japan

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Microsoft managed to sell over 23,000 units of the Xbox One during its launch in Japan last week. This is pretty low.

To be exact, Famitsu reports that 23,562 Xbox One consoles were sold last week in Japan. This is across the days of September 4th until September 7th. Even though it’s being touted as its “first week” sales, they only counted for the four days it was available.

Surprisingly, Dead Rising 3 was not the best selling Xbox One game during the launch of the console in Japan. Titanfall beat out every game selling a huge 22,416 units. Kinect Sports Rivals came in second selling 14,919 units. Dead Rising 3 only sold 7,330 units. Bear in mind, Titanfall and Kinect Sports Rivals were included with bundles so this may have been a factor was to why they sold so much.

The fact that Xbox One only sold 23,562 units in Japan during its first week still shows Microsoft has a lot of work to do to penetrate this market. Japansese gamers have never been fond of the Xbox brand and it look like they’re not into the Xbox One too.

In comparison, the PS4 sold over 309,000 units in its first week whole the Wii U sold a 308,000 units. Microsoft is hoping to gain some steam with TGS later this month.

A NeoGAF poster actually collated previous first week openings for home consoles over in Japan. The Xbox One has the lowest opening compared to every home console released since 1998.

The previous lowest opening was the Xbox 360 selling 62,215 units in its first week. The original Xbox did far better selling 123,929 in its first week.

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