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Xbox One Update Heading Out for Preview Members

by Kyle Hanson


A new Xbox One Update is hitting right now for Xbox One Preview Members, giving the beta testers a new set of firmware to check out. The update looks to fix a couple of smaller issues with the console, it also touches on a couple of other features, some that all players are getting. Be sure to watch out for any new problems, or other changes and get them reported to Microsoft before the firmware goes out to all owners.

The Xbox One Update patch notes specify what has been fixed with this: “Green Screen issues when watching Video: Fixed an issue which green screens could appear in some video applications.
Intermittent flickering Black screens: Fixed an issue in which black screens would appear, in games, apps or when navigating the dashboard”

As far as new features, Microsoft lists those as “Purchase Xbox 360 Backward compatible games: Games today will be discover-able via Game hubs and Activity feed and over the next 24 hours the Store programming will be live for a full end to end purchasing experience.The Achievements snap app is no longer in the build – please use the guide experience to view your achievement’s progress.”

Of course, the first feature was promised to all players in the most recent update, so it is likely just lingering on the change list, or is being added here for Preview Members. The second one is a bit odd, as it is removing a feature. Perhaps no one was using the Snap functionality for the Achievements app.

- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2018

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