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Xbox One ‘Will Always be Behind the PS4…Because it isn’t as Powerful’ says DICE Dev

by Kyle Hanson


Alan Kertz, the gameplay designer for Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE, posted a couple of tweets last week about the Xbox One. Many of these have riled up fans, as he is pretty open about his thoughts on the console, and its position in this generation. Note: Kertz specifies that his tweets are his opinion only, stating “Personal Tweets, Random Musings, All Thoughts my Own.” So this is not the official position of DICE.

“No amount of consumer trust can change that it’s just an inferior horse in the horsepower category,” Tweeted Kertz. He later clarified this a bit by saying “Xbone (Xbox One) will always be behind the PS4 this generation because it isn’t as powerful.”

This, of course, got some Xbox fans angry, with Alan responding that the Xbox One isn’t a lost cause by any stretch. “But just like last gen, when enough exclusives pile up and the price drops it’ll be a worthy purchase.”

The power, or relative lack thereof, of the Xbox One has been a major point of contention since the two non-Nintendo consoles were revealed. It seemed clear early on that the PS4 would be the more technically powerful system, though how much that would impact games was up for debate.

Early titles showed some significant differences, with some games having lower resolution and framerate on the Xbox One. However, as the console has evolved, it seems like the gap is closing thanks to some powerful software changes implemented by Microsoft.

There is still a difference on occasion, but it seems rarer these days than when the consoles first launched. However, the stigma has already formed that the Xbox One is the less capable system, which is still ultimately true from everything said by developers. But does it really change the landscape all that much? Let us know what you think in the comments.

- This article was updated on:October 17th, 2015

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