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Xbox One without Kinect, Microsoft says don’t hold your breath

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has recently confirmed that they will not be selling an Xbox One without Kinect, despite the company recently announcing that the Kinect will not be required to be plugged in at all times on the Xbox One. A reversal of the policy that they announced earlier this year, and gotten many would-be purchasers up in arms about privacy concerns on the new console.

Naturally, with this news out in the open, speculation has begun that Microsoft would indeed be offering an Xbox One that comes without the Kinect. Don’t hold your breath. Microsoft’s Major Nelson took to a thread on Reddit to personally shoot down these rumors.

“We have no plans for that. We are 100 percent all in on Kinect,” said Hyrb.

The Kinect is still one of those things that people love to hate about the Xbox One. While the camera is touted as being more capable and useful than the current-gen model, it’s going to have to do a lot to win back core gamers who expected more from the device on the Xbox 360.

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