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Xbox One X Celebrates its First Anniversary: “Still the World’s Most Powerful Console”

Microsoft may lag in sales, but they still have the edge in power.

by Kyle Hanson


While they may seem silly to outsiders, the console wars have always been one of the most fun parts of being a gamer. Choosing your side and duking it out with friends about which is better is so ingrained in our culture that it happens even in our hobbies. So it’s always been a big thing whether your favorite console was more powerful, offering better visuals and performance. The Xbox One X is the current champion in this regard, beating Sony’s PS4 Pro by many metrics. Microsoft is always quick to point this out too, including in today’s tweet celebrating the first anniversary of Xbox One X.

“Xbox One X turns 1 today, and it’s still the world’s most powerful console,” they exclaimed on Twitter. Fans from all sides of the console war were quick to respond, either celebrating with them or pointing out some of the console’s hurdles. Exclusive games, or the lack thereof, has been a thorn in Microsoft’s side since the Xbox One debuted. The One X promises better performance for third party titles, but there are only a handful of games you can only play on the console.

This is both because exclusives are hard to come by, and because Microsoft has been promoting PC gaming via their Play Anywhere program. Most major Xbox One X releases are also playable on PC, and while this benefits gamers it has been a problem for fans of Microsoft’s consoles. Microsoft has made a multitude of studio acquisitions over the last year, aiming at bringing more exclusives to their platform. Of course, these will also be playable on PC, for the most part, so it’s not a full fix. If you want to play on console though, the Xbox One X is still the best way to do it, in terms of performance.

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