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Xbox One’s Classic ‘Duke’ Controller Release Date and Price Announced

by Kyle Hanson


The original Xbox first launched in 2001. As Microsoft’s first foray into the console arena, the console represented huge steps forward in a lot of innovative ways. One thing that wasn’t universally praised was its massive controller, which was certainly unique, but somewhat cumbersome for smaller handed individuals. Still, it had its fans, and over 15 years of nostalgia have led to a bit of a cult following. That group will have their prayers answered at the end of March with Hyperkin’s officially licensed Duke controller for Xbox One.

This new release was announced back at E3, but we had scant details about it at the time. Now we have the release date of late March along with an official price of $69.99. The controller will be a total recreation of the original Xbox’s Duke controller, and will work for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

For those who never used this beast, the Duke was truly massive, causing some people to complain, while others loved how different it was. Microsoft quickly went back to the drawing board and released the Xbox S controller, a smaller version that was first available in Japan. Every Xbox controller since had been quite similar to the Xbox S controller, making the Duke stand out.

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