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Xbox One vs PS4 Power Differences are overblown, says Microsoft

by William Schwartz


According to Microsoft’s Albert Penello, the differences between third party games on the Xbox One and PS4 is “minor”.  The product planner for Microsoft says that he believes people neglect the points that are in Microsoft’s favor, only focusing on the minor advantages that the PS4 has over the Xbox One in specific games.

Penello points to Ryse as a demonstration of the Xbox One’s power.  “Ryse is still the best looking game on any platform.  Period. End of Story,” Penello exclaimed on a recent podcast with GamerTagRadio.  When the discussion turned to the recent Tomb Raider controversy, Penello didn’t have any definitive answers for those looking for the best technical experience on consoles.

Looking back at the launch titles for the Xbox One, Penello says that “I think there were 12 titles released on both platforms [PS4 and Xbox One], and all but three of them had basically the same performance on both boxes. Everybody wants to focus on…there’s a frame rate thing going on with Tomb Raider, there is a resolution thing going on and OK, there’s a lot of reasons why that could be true but we are weeks in, we just shipped, it’s a long generation.”

Time will tell if things ultimately get better or worse for Microsoft.  There are many that believe the Xbox One will ultimately hit a wall against the PS4 where it just can’t match the quality do to the hardware specs.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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