Xbox Scorpio Launch Schedule Has “No Issues,” Says Phil Spencer

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This year marks the year where Microsoft will release the currently code-named Project Scorpio, which will easily be the most powerful console on the market. While we’re expected to be getting the full reveal at next month’s E3, the lack of updates has led some to become a little worried with its development progress.

However, it looks like there’s nothing to worry about on that front, as Xbox’s Phil Spencer has cleared the air. When a fan contacted him on Twitter about a potential delay in the Scorpio’s launch date, he replied with “Schedule looks very good right now, no issues.”

This will likely bring a sigh of relief to all fans who are intending on grabbing the console at launch, though at this time it remains to be seen when it actually does release. It’s definitely going to be coming out at some point this year, though right now we only have a vague holiday 2017 season release window. All of that information will likely be coming during its E3 reveal, however, which will happen on Sunday, June 11th at 2PM PT.

Earlier this year Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox One will be getting a diverse lineup of games this year that will play better on Project Scorpio. He said that the team “designed Project Scorpio to be the best console to play the blockbuster multiplatform games from our publishing partners, made it easy for recently released titles to upgrade to true 4K and for beloved, backward compatible titles to play better than ever before.”

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how the full reveal of the console goes next month, with the price point being the biggest question mark at this point. It will obviously feature a high price due to it being the most powerful console available, but the company knows that going too high is bad news for sales.

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