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Xbox Scorpio Price is Not Going to Be Cheap

| April 6, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Price is Not Going to Be Cheap News Xbox  Xbox Scorpio Scorpio Microsoft

Microsoft revealed the first concrete details about the Xbox Scorpio earlier today, and with it we got a good look at what’s going to be in the console in terms of hardware, what it’s capable of, and with that the potential price of the console.

While the first tech specs were revealed, a price was not put on the console just yet.  However, given the components of the machine, it’s looking like the Xbox Scorpio is not going to be cheap.  When it launches, it’ll likely be the most expensive console on the market.   Digital Foundry estimates that it will be more expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro, which currently retails for $399.  Their speculation is that the console will be $499, the price at which the Xbox One originally launched at back in 2013.

At $499, a console that runs native 4K games at 60fps, has an UHD 4K Blu-Ray player, and runs both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games could be a bargain for most.  But as Microsoft proved to themselves with the Xbox One, $499 was not the right price point for that console at launch as Sony and the PlayStation 4 proceeded to launch alongside them with a cheaper, comparable, console which has outsold them at nearly every turn for the last few years.  Microsoft’s gameplan appears to be to get out in front of any price talk with concrete stats about what the Scorpio is capable of and why it’s worth the premium price.

The Scorpio reveals puts to bed many rumors and speculation that the console would be Microsoft’s version of the PlayStation 4 Pro — meaning a console that uses a good amount of trickery to produce 4K resolutions and improvements in PS4 games across the board.

Today’s information confirms Microsoft’s intital statements about the console and their vision to make it the most powerful console ever made.

E3 2017 is seemingly the next stop for the other pertinent details about the Scorpio.  Great software will ultimately sell the console, and with a 2017 release date for the Xbox Scorpio, E3 will likely have plenty of impressive software to see.

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  • Big Rell

    Getting 4k 60fps in a circuit racer is really no big deal when forza apex for the PC saw nearly every relevant (and cheap) gpu do 4k 60. $500 with no games… this will be just as dead as PC gaming. It’ll be an indie/multiplat machine

    • Facts First

      That’s fine, you can stick your half upgrade system. I’ll take a Scorpio.

    • Henry

      don’t worry too much about it. I know i’ll love having a good powerhouse system for a change. concentrate on your game filled console or whatever you have alright smh

  • Dennis

    $499 is what I paid for the first xbox one with the kinect. Honestly, it’s on the max side of what I”m willing to spend on a console…and even though I don’t currently have a 4k set, doesn’t mean I couldn’t benefit from all the other features it’s going to have.

    4K tv for me maybe in 2 years, maybe a year and a half…(living room TV has seen better days and it’s a 2008 model).

    Bring it!