Xbox Scorpio Price will be more than Xbox One S ‘Obviously’

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How much will Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpio cost when it’s released?  Well, nobody knows at this point, but according to Phil Spencer it’s going to cost more than an Xbox One S.  In a recent video interview with Levelup, Spencer revealed a few new details about the Xbox Scorpio price.

“Scorpio will be a premium console, it will cost more than S, obviously that’s how we’re building it,” the Xbox exec explains.  “I want to make sure that the investments that we’re putting into the product of Scorpio meets the demands of the higher end customer and that will be a higher price.”

Scorpio is for a more demanding, high-end customer, says Spencer

The Xbox Scorpio price hasn’t been determined yet, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from weighing in on what they think it should cost.  Michael Pachter recently said in an interview that the Xbox Scorpio needed to launch at a $399 price point.  If the Scorpio launched above $399, Pachter believes Microsoft would be ‘committing suicide’ with the new hardware.

It doesn’t sound like Spencer agrees with Pachter.  “For us, when we think about Scorpio it’s for a higher end customer who demands the most that they can get out of a console and we built a console to meet that demand.”

For those that keep up with costs associated with achieving the highest visual fidelity in gaming, it’s common knowledge that you simply can’t put together a machine for $399 that does 4K gaming at high frame rates.  The questions that remain to be answered are just how high end will the Scorpio be, and how much does Microsoft think consumers are willing to spend?  For now, we know that it will certainly be more than the Xbox One S and likely more than $399 if they plan to make good on their promises from E3.

For those that don’t want to spend the money, there are other options.

“Our most affordable console will be the S console,” says Spencer.  “We make sure that we’re building that console and putting the features in that console to make it as enjoyable and as desirable to as many people as possible at the price.”

While the Xbox Scorpio price has yet to be determined, the release date for the new Xbox console is slated for sometime in 2017.

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