Xbox Scorpio Specs Revealed Today Will Be Surprising

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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will get a reveal of some sort later today.  Microsoft has decided to make their second big splash of information about the console to Digital Foundry, a highly respected arm of Eurogamer that delves into the nitty gritty technical details of video game software and hardware.

So just what will be revealed about Project Scorpio today?  According to a Senior Editor at The Verge, Tom Warren, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear the actual name of the console or what it looks like.  Instead, Microsoft will focus on the hardware specs of the console, which have been the most controversial part about it since its E3 reveal.

The controversial announcement of a new, more powerful Xbox console from Microsoft has led to plenty of conversations about what Microsoft’s intentions with the Scorpio are.  Would they be going the road of Sony and the PlayStation 4 Pro?  If they were going for a machine powerful enough to deliver true 4K gaming, how would they keep the price at a point where it’s palatable for consumers?

While we likely won’t get those specific details today, apparently Warren also believes that they will be revealing information about the CPU architecture that could shed some light on these questions.

We wont have to wait long to hear what Microsoft has to say about the Xbox Scorpio.  The reveal of the Xbox Scorpio console is slated for 6am Pacific.

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