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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Responds to Quantum Break Exclusivity Controversy

by Kyle Hanson


Earlier today Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment announced that Quantum Break would be coming to PC. The formerly Xbox One exclusive title had been a big selling point for the console in 2016. While the game is still coming to it, many Xbox gamers have responded negatively to the announcement of the PC version, despite Microsoft offering the PC version for free to preorder customers.

we are focused on the best place to play for gamers, not about creating walls

Once of these angry customers took to Twitter, where they told Xbox head Phil Spencer that they would be cancelling their preorder. Twitter user TheCrapGamer said “Phil, you didn’t stop to ask the hardcore fans that stuck by Xbox if this is even what we wanted. It’s not. And sad to say, I cancelled my Quantum Break pre-order as I said I would. You weren’t up front on QB going to PC.”

Spencer didn’t take these statements lying down, responding ” You cancelled a pre-order for a game you want to play because someone else get’s to play the game on Windows?” The customer responded that the cancellation was “on principle” remarking that the PC version wasn’t listed, and expecting more PC releases of big Xbox games in the future, citing Gears, Halo, and Forza as possibilities.

Spencer’s response was strong, saying “I’ve said it over and over, we are focused on the best place to play for gamers, not about creating walls.” Indeed, the concept of console exclusive games has been a topic of controversy over the last few years. An exclusive between PS4 and Xbox One makes sense, as the companies need to gain support for their system, and have no reason to release their own games for a competing device. However, PC is a bit more agnostic, and has lost access to a lot of games that would have sold well on the platform.

TheCrapGamer disagreed though, saying that Microsoft was punishing Xbox owners who have to pay money to play online games, and get other features that PC players get for free. Spencer responded later, saying “I think u know how much I respect our hardcore Xbox fans. And I understand your passion. Making Xbox great is a big priority.” Spencer touches on this topic a bit more in a different reply, saying “High end PC gaming rigs aren’t the price of a console. People play on console because they love that experience, same for PC.”

To Xbox gamers, does Quantum Break heading to PC upset you? Let us know in the comments.

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