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XCOM 2 Coming Exclusively to PC this November

by Kyle Hanson


2K has officially announced, via IGN, the upcoming release of XCOM 2, the first full sequel to their smash hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which launched in 2012. XCOM 2 will be a PC exclusive title, offering the same turn-based strategy gameplay that the series is known for. It is currently set for release in November 2015, so get ready to check out trailers and previews in the coming months.

In the official reveal trailer, which can be seen above, fans get a look at the world that they will dive into this November. 20 years after the original invasion, things aren’t looking great for XCOM or the world at large. The trailer gives off a distinct dystopian vibe, with the aliens firmly in charge and XCOM having gone underground to continue their combat efforts. Expect to utilize more guerrilla style tactics and strategies to develop as you take on more powerful enemies in your efforts to overthrow the Advent government.

It’s interesting to note that XCOM 2 is coming exclusively to the PC, skipping the consoles entirely as far as what has been announced so far. XCOM: Enemy Unknown hit most of the major consoles, and saw a decent amount of success there. Fans who don’t own a gaming PC might have to wait a while, or get a PC of their own if they wish to play XCOM 2 when it launches this November.

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