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You Can Alter Character Personalities In Until Dawn

by Damian Seeto


You will be able to shape the character personalities in Until Dawn to make them scared or very brave.

The official Until Dawn Twitter page tweeted: Sam could be the typical, dumb blonde, or she could be more like Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Choice matters.

Until Dawn is a unique survival horror game that has multiple playable characters and you are in control of their every action. This new tweet suggests you can choose certain characters to be cowards or heroes.

A NeoGAF user also shared a new screenshot from the game that shows there will be character traits and stats.

The traits include: Honest, Charitable, Funny, Brave, Romantic and Curious. You have the choice to make them noble characters, or they can be cowards and douche bags.

There is also a meter measuring their relationship with other characters as well. Some characters will be friendly to others and more.

Until Dawn is sounding like a unique game in the same vein as Heavy Rain. You are expected to play the game multiple times to see all of the events play out. There will be different endings and every action you take leads to numerous paths.

The game will be out exclusively for the PS4 from August 25th.

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