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You Can Get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny This Week From Xur

by William Schwartz


The Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher is one of the most prized possessions for Guardians in Destiny.  The powerful launcher, when leveled, can shred through enemies of all types with serious fire damage, and it’s currently available through the vendor Xur, who visits Destiny weekly.

Gjallarhorn has been hard to come by for some Destiny players, it’s been a purely random drop.  No matter how much you might have wanted one, it may have been difficult to get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny and even though the mysterious vendor Xur arrives weekly with wares to sell for Strange Coins, he hasn’t had it in quite some time.

While it might be a little bittersweet for Destiny fans as the Taken King is ready to launch, and Gjallarhorn may not be as powerful as some of the new weapons that will be added to the game through the expansion, now is your best opportunity to get the Gjallarhorn.

Gjallarhorn costs 17 Strange Coins through Xur this week, and he’ll be at the Tower until Sunday.

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