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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links PvP Duels Revamped

2 new Cards are also added in the PvP prize pool.

by Victor Vellas


PvP Duels and rewards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links have been revamped, becoming more user friendly and way more rewarding. While PvP is the most prominent feature of the game, besides its weekly Events, it was lacking content wise compared to other modes. Thankfully, we now see some interesting additions, which we can take a look at below.

  • You get Gems for each Duel won, up to 50 wins! – A magnificent change, since Gems are the most important resource of the game. After reaching 50 wins, for each 5 and 10 wins you will earn some Card Tickets, of varying rarity.
  • Each Rank Tier can now reach up to 7 – While this may seem a little troublesome at first, we have right below the reason why it is not.
  • You are no longer demoted for losing any battle! Another awesome addition to this revamped mode, since we can all now experiment way more with new and unique Decks, without the fear of dropping Ranks.
  • New Legend Ranks added – You can now reach up to Legend 4 and 5 respectively.

Alongside these changes, here are 2 new Cards that were added in the prize pool:

  • Satellite Laser Balsam [UR]
  • Satellite Cannon [SR]

Additionally, these 4 cards were also added in the prize pool, which were first included in past events:

  • Skilled Blue Magician
  • Salamandra
  • Roc from the Valley of Haze
  • Flame Ghost

I do believe that these additions/changes will make everyone visit the PvP mode more often, which can result to a better matchmaking process as well. We will need to wait and find out ourselves, down the road. Until then, make sure to try out some new Photon decks, that were recently released.


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