Zack Snyder Shares Batman vs Superman TV Spot With New Footage

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Zack Snyder just posted on this official Twitter account a brand new TV spot for Batman vs Superman that shows a scene that hasn’t been shown before.

It is a TV spot that is playing during the NFL playoffs. It features the exact scene where Batman tells Superman “do you bleed?,” where Batman encounters Superman in his Batmobile.

Many people thought the “do you bleed” scene happened during a dream sequence. This doesn’t look to be the case in the new TV spot. It also shows that the line happens in a different scene. In the first ever trailer for Batman vs Superman, we heard it during the rain when Batman was wearing his armor.

It’s quite a funny scene too because Superman is unfazed when Batman rams his Batmobile in front of him. A normal human being would die easily. For Superman though, he feels no pain whatsoever when a car comes crashing towards him.

One has to wonder if Snyder is planning another Batman vs Superman TV spot for the Superbowl later this year. It’s possible considering the Superbowl is the most watched event in America. Over 100 million homes tune in each year.

Check out the small TV Spot below:

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