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Gears of War 3: Wallbouncing Returns

Cliff Bleszinski announced that the development team has been flip flopping back and forth about the inclusion of wall bouncing in Gears of War 3, and it looks like it's coming back. Included in the first game, then discarded from part two, wall bouncing is is one of the features that Gears of War, one of the most popular games this generation, was most famous for.

Bulletstorm PC System Specs

Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter (FPS) in which players find themselves stranded on a planet that although once an adult-oriented paradise planet, is now hell incarnate, complete with savage mutants and flesh-eating gangs. The goal is simple: survive, escape the planet and pay back the SOB who sent you there.

Nintendo 3DS is just a hardware gimmick

A recent interview with games industry veteran Jon Hare where the developer points out the flaws of the 3DS from a developer standpoint. Hare is the developer responsible for bringing titles like Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder to gamers and had some pretty strong opinions on the new handheld.

Tomb Raider Media Update

The New Tomb Raider by Square Enix will be a complete reboot for the franchise. There have not been many details disseminated about the game but Crystal Dynamics promises that the game will squash all preconceptions you have about Tomb Raider whether you have played one in the past or not.

Nintendo 3DS will be region locked

Nintendo's next handheld is rumored to have a region lock associated with it's cartridges and the unit itself. A recent report that originated from a Korean website indicates that they have confirmed through contact with a Japanese Nintendo Support Agent that the 3DS will include region locking.

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds new characters

Bioware just updated biographies for three new characters in the Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the new "holorecords" you will find info on Supreme Chancellor Janarus, a protector or Republic ideals, Darth Jadus, the polar opposite of Janarus who is an Imperial Intelligence Officer, and Jewl'a Nightbringer, a cold blooded bounty hunter.

Saturo Iwata to Keynote GDC 2011

Nintendo's CEO Saturo Iwata will address GDC 2011 in keynote speech this year. Iwata will offer a historical rundown of the last 25 years in gaming and where the industry is headed into the future in his keynote speech titled: "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future".

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