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Samurai Shodown Reveals Three Newcomers, Japanese Release Dates

A pirate, shaman and samurai.

by Jelani James


As promised, SNK has revealed the identities of all three newcomers for the upcoming weapon-based fighter Samurai Shodown.

It also confirmed the release dates for the Japanese version of the game, with it coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One(!) on June 27, arcades in the summer, then PC and Nintendo Switch in Winter 2019.

As for the newcomers, we have Darli Dagger (who was revealed earlier this week in Famitsu), along with Wu-Ruixiang and Yashamaru Kurama (teased via silhouette). And judging from what we’ve seen of them thus far, they’ll be just as varied and diverse as the rest of the now 16-member cast.

Here are some pictures and brief bio for each:

Darli Dagger


A shipwright who has mastered the use of various tools. She washed ashore an island at an early age, where she was taught the power of crafting by carpenters, and how to protect herself and survive by pirates. She is currently building a ship said to be unsinkable with her comrades at the island’s workshop.



A descendant of an ancient and honorable feng shui clan, Wu-Ruixiang is a woman who serves the Qing dynasty. With a mission is to protect generations of long mai, she travels to various places under the emperor’s command. She is wise, but extremely clumsy. She also loathes exercise, preferring to seclude herself indoors. Her secret art manifests the power of a divine beast, calling forth a dragon.

Yashamaru Kurama


A young, fallen samurai. He hates villains who exploit wealth from the weak, and moves in the shadows as the chivalrous thief known as the “Karasu Tengu.” In the past, his father was executed on false charges, and now holds a deep hatred for the Shogunate as a result. He fights wielding his memento nagamaki sword, and uses the power of the tengu passed down for generations.

To note, there were no updates for the Western release, indicating that it’s still planned for a general June release. Hopefully, this brief period will be enough for people to practice for when Samurai Shodown appears at EVO this year.

Check out the latest trailer below:

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