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Bioshock Infinite will have Steroscopic 3D on PS3

| February 8, 2012

Bioshock Infinite will have Steroscopic 3D on PS3 PlayStation  Bioshock Infinite

It looks like 3DTV owners that plan on picking up Bioshock Infinite on the PS3 will have something to look forward to later this year.  A recent leak by Future Shop Gamer via Twitter, lists Bioshock Infinite as a stereoscopic 3D enabled game on the console.  Furthermore, the game will also integrate PlayStation Move controls.

It’s hard to tell whether 3D will also be supported on the 360 and PC as neither has been confirmed. PlayStation 3 gamers will also see a bonus in the form of the original Bioshock, which was announced at last year’s E3.

We still don’t  have a concrete release date on Irrational’s latest game, but Bioshock Infinite will hopefully arrive sometime in 2012.

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    i did’t get a free copy off bioshock neither did i get 3dtv support, really this bullshit with fake news has to fucking stop……….. it gives people false hope…………