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PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake Makes Major Changes To Combat System

by Dean James


One of the biggest megatons ever dropped at E3 game came earlier this year with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake. With promises of more content this year, PSX was the perfect place and that’s exactly what we have.

As one of the first games to show during the PSX keynote, Final Fantasy VII Remake looks absolutely amazing with its first gameplay.

The new footage starts with more cutscenes, which look absolutely amazing. Then it jumps into the game’s combat, which looks to be a massive change from the original. Rather than the system we saw in the original, this one utilizes a real time type system that is more like the modern entries in the series.

The trailer as relatively short, but still going to likely be one of the biggest parts of this show already. I couldn’t think of much better a way to kick this show off than this one, which will be one of the most talked about for sure.

Make sure to stay tuned for more details that hopefully will come across the weekend from PSX on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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