PS Vita will not see price drop in North America

by William Schwartz


It turns out that Sony will not be cutting the price of the PS Vita in North America, following the drop in Japan.   Shuhei Yoshida explained in a recent roundtable interview that the PS Vita won’t be seeing a price drop in North America because of the current exchange rate.

Yoshida points to the price drop in Japan as a matter that was more simply explained by Economics.  Sony recently slashed the price of the handheld in Japan, which won’t hit retailers in the country until the 28th.  Following the announcement, many thought that the US would see a similar drop to stimulate sales of the device.

The PlayStation Vita will play a big role in the PlayStation 4 ecosystem, but just how many people are going to go out and buy the still pricey handheld with a console launch looming is yet to be seen.  Sony’s recent unveiling of the PlayStation 4 saw next-gen games being streamed the PS Vita and the company has positioned the handheld as the ultimate companion device for the new hardware.

While it’s unclear if these features will be available at launch, the PS Vita is billed as the ultimate second screen that will allow for “Cross Play” between the two systems.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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