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PS4 console gets ‘Red Line of Death’ to avoid overheating

| October 15, 2013

PS4 console gets 'Red Line of Death' to avoid overheating PlayStation Rumors  PS4

Both Microsoft and Sony had their fair share of hardware defects with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  It’s enough to make gamers worried about these big investments in next-gen hardware.   With the extended gameplay sessions and even longer fits of movie watching and entertainment use, there’s no hiding from the possibility of overheating.

PS4 console gets 'Red Line of Death' to avoid overheating PlayStation Rumors  PS4

The Red Line of Death was reported from a recent promotional event

While Microsoft has done well to avoid any public overheating issues in the demos of the console,  Sony has seen a couple public console malfunctions, and this might be their first publicly captured sighting of the ‘Red Line of Death’ from Spanish site Elotrolado if this rumored report is true.

Usually lit up in blue, the PS4 was on display in an unventilated plastic case when the blue light turned red.  The forum poster claims that a message showed up on the screen that said the console had a very high temperature.  From the sounds of it, it didn’t mean that the hardware was fried or anything.  According to the report, once the console was given some room to breathe, the error message was gone and the light returned to its normal blue color.

Let’s just hope that Sony and Microsoft have learned from their hardware mistakes that brought us the Red Ring of Death fiasco, and Sony’s more muted Yellow Light of Death issues.  It would be a bitter pill to swallow if these consoles have the issues that their predecessors did.

Since it’s pretty easy to photoshop something like this, we’re gonna chalk it up to rumors at this point.  We’ll find out soon enough however, the PlayStation 4 launches in one month’s time on November 15th.

Update:  When asked whether the PS4 had a ‘Red Light of Death’, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida said “not true”  via Twitter.

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  • Facts First

    LOL. Well I guess you get what you pay for.

    • quinten488

      I guess you’re to stupid to finish reading that it was sealed in a plastic box.

      • platinumwarrior121

        lol i still don’t know why everyone takes him serious,its a obvious funny troll..just play along with it

        • quinten488

          yea, I just checked his comment history.

          • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)


        • Boz

          The sad thing is, its just not funny anymore. Its just more along the lines of stupidity.

        • s3ltzer

          I think it’s Major Nelson doing a troll-by!

      • Fweds

        It was in a box at a “SONY EVENT” not on a shop floor, so those boxes must of either been Sony’s or approved by them it was their event.

        • Stodd

          You should work for Sony, you could have said “maybe we should make some air holes in the box first.” :)

      • Surging

        Heat builds pressure, the air expands so much that it becomes so thin the fan will eventually be pushing no air at all… heat rises and with no vents on top the heat builds up from top to bottom and the cables look to be coming out the bottom which means the pressure from the heat will be pushing the air out as the air expands in the box and it will only become hotter and hotter .

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    • Oscar Portillo

      I guess mr facts never first did not take the time to read the article as it clearly stated that for now it is just a report untill they can verify and address the questions with Sony.
      Let me remind you Sony is a hardware company so if any one company will faill with overheating it will be Microsucks.

    • Shannon Novosel

      Ahh facts first how bad was the xbox 360 fail rate don’t hurt your brain too much thinking about it

      • Stodd

        Shannon Novosel it’s not nice sending someone you know has difficulties reading to search for facts…

        here you go Mr. Facts,

        54.2% of original xbox 360’s failed, but it’s really not MS’s fault they had a 3rd party supplier that screwed them over. Basically they paid someone else to solder the xbox 360 and that company bought crappy solder to pocket more $$

        PS3 was 13.4%
        and Wii was 8.4% (not surprising Wii failed the least, less to go wrong without an HDD being shipped around)

    • JP

      I know that’s why i bought a ps3

    • Christopher

      I’m guessing you did read the whole article, it stated after they took the box off the PS4 is started again meaning this really isn’t the “Red Light of Death” and just more of a Save feature of the console to protect the hardware, unlike in the Xbox One that has already been reported to have died.

      • Fweds

        Seriously do you really need to talk rubbish to prove whatever it is you think you are trying to prove ?.

        • Jason

          I think he is talking about what happened at Comic-con which the xbox one had crashes and multiple other problems.

          • Fweds

            Nothing to do with XBox hardware though as the Sony fanboys will tell you they were running on PCs (They don’t understand what devkit means).

      • s3ltzer

        Yay! At least one person read the article.

    • s3ltzer

      You mean a fail-proof way of the console telling you that’s it’s hot, and to cool it? It’s pretty smart, if true. So yes, we get what we paid for…ingenius!

      Nothing like the catastrophe of RROD with Xbox.

  • Dave

    its this type of stuff that makes we worried about whether I should buy right away or wait. I really don’t want to have to buy more than one of these consoles and I shouldn’t have to. Old consoles never did this crap they just worked forever.

    • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

      As long as u keep in dust free and let it breathe it will be fine! =)

  • B_Boss

    “in an unventilated plastic case”

    ……..who’s surprised (if true) that it would suffer from the effects of overheating in such an environment?


      Looks like the ps4 is failing and its not even launched yet OMG LOL

      • Shea Foley

        It didn’t fail though, it stated in the article, “once the console was given some room to breathe, the error message was gone and the light returned to its normal blue color.”. You saying it failed would imply there’s a hardware issue, which in this situation there certainly wasn’t.

    • s3ltzer

      Testing purposes.

      Yay! Someone else read he article

  • DickauDogs

    Final Fantasy 13 killed my Ps3 and I didn’t buy a new one. I bought a big tv from the back when they still did big screens and that died too. I will never buy their products again.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    Here’s the full quote: “it had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a
    message on the screen saying that the console had a very high
    temperature. The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal color.”

    So the PS4 has an early warning system which detects overheating and takes action to prevent permanent damage. Sounds good! If only MS had the decency to include that with the 360…

    • SonicDaHedgehog

      They did this system with the 360 Slim.

      • Revolver Ocelot

        I refer to the launch 360s, of course.

        • Fweds


          • Guest

            It sounds like you’re a fanboy in denial as well. You have been posting for Microsoft in the comments of this article like crazy.

          • Fweds


      • Whitbizzle

        It didn’t happen to my 360 slim. I bought mine brand new, made sure it had lots of air flow to it and it got RROD within 5 months so that was my final straw with Xbox as I’d had 2 360’s before it.

        • GK15

          Sorry to hear that, but if you bought it within a year it was covered under warranty.

          I’ve had my slim since it first came out and it has seen countless hours of tv and game time. Never had an issue.

          • Whitbizzle

            I used the warranty and sold the replacement and got a PS3. I enjoyed the Xbox but have since been converted

        • Wizard of Peace

          I’ve been lucky as I’ve had my Xbox360 since launch.

        • TriPPer

          Quite the story you have there. Didn’t know slims could get RROD since they do have the same ring on the front

        • SonicDaHedgehog

          RROD on 360 slim?You meant RDOD?

          • Whitbizzle

            Sorry, what does RDOD stand for? Either way, the power button went red and it died exactly the same as the ones that got RROD.

          • Fweds

            I haven’t heard of anyone IN REAL LIFE say their Xbox or ps3 slim model have had red or yellow death.
            Odd it always seem to be people on the net who claim to get it.

          • Whitbizzle

            Why would I take the time to make up my Xbox broke? Type it into YouTube to see it does happen to the slim versions. Maybe I did just make it up to get popular with the Sony fanboys, hope it works

          • SonicDaHedgehog

            Red dot of death.It is caused by some kind of a defective compoment.(Hard drive,etc.) So try taking your hard drive out :)

    • s3ltzer

      Awesome…another person who read he article.

      I guess the Xbox trolls don’t know how to read.

  • Sticky Notes

    To be fair, Microsoft also has warnings in place to prevent the Xbox from frying as well. The system, according to them will spin the fan up and then shutdown. Why would they put it in a non – ventilated case? Also, “of death” means bricked console. This is Red Line of Warning. I am glad that Both Microsoft and Sony have taken precautions against overheating.

    • Hatchoo

      Also, smartphones do that as well. I had my iPhone display this message to me that it has overheated when I was swimming outside under the hot son, I couldn’t use it until I brought it under a shade, then it worked well. The red line seems like a feature, and not a problem.. A feature that tells you that you’re storing your console wrong, or you have it next to a heater, or you have too many things obstructing the flow of air..

  • Underworld

    If true, then don’t put it in an unventilated plastic case. Common sense. Lol. What do you expect?

    Edit: And you can’t call it the “Red Line of Death” if it didn’t die and returned to normal when the case was opened. It’s just a warning light. That is good.

  • Wizard of Peace

    I’m guessing their not accounting for that plastic box which has no ventilation.

  • Whitbizzle

    Dammit, I will have to send back my non ventilated case I bought for my PS4. Guess I’ll just wrap it in towels instead

    • Wizard of Peace

      Haha! To funny…

      • Fweds

        Not really when you consider those cases were being used by Sony at a Sony Event.

        • Wizard of Peace

          No it wasn’t lol its been confirmed that it was faked…

          • Fweds

            No it wasn’t there was a weak denial that’s all but then several sources say it also happened not just one.

          • Wizard of Peace

            Okay, if it is real then its good! Its a warning. So who cares?

          • Fweds

            Well unfortunately everyone and their dog knows that if this was the Xbox these same people defending the PS4 now would be all over the net telling people not to buy one because it had a red line, so for whatever reason they care.

            And if it’s a warning why should it of happened ?, they were at a “Sony” event.

          • Wizard of Peace

            So it doesn’t completely over heat. Being in an unventilated box isn’t good for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, or any console for that matter.

  • RealityCheck2017

    Do RETARDS write for most online gaming sites?!?! It seems that way LoL:D

    HOW THE HELL can you call it ‘Red Line of Death’!?!? when it did not die!?!? + It sounds like a GOOD feature to have anyway i.e It will tell you if your PS4 is getting hot so to avoid overheating & not just die like millions of RRoD Xbox 360’s do.

    • Chockyy

      Blue Screen of Death didn’t kill your computer, just made you restart it.

      It dying is not entirely necessary.

    • Fweds

      Why mention Xbox faults this is Sony news and the PS3 had “Billions” of YLOD of it’s own, stick to the topic.

  • OldSocialist

    As someone who will be buying both of the new consoles over the next year I find this a consolation (pun not intended) rather than a worry. It shows that the PS4 clearly has systems in place to protect it should it run too hot, just as the Xbox One does with its its graduated slowdown. In the event, I have two clear spaces in mind on my hi-fi rack and under the telly for the machines to taste the free air in.

    Sony’s main concern here should be that it is employing the sort of promoter who puts a machine in a box in which it’s almost guaranteed to fry. If this has been their practice elsewhere, it’s tribute to the PS4’s cooling that it hasn’t happened with monotonous regularity.

  • Allen

    Red line of death is a stupid name. Newer slim 360’s get red dot of death again stupid name because it powers down to cool.

    Also PS4 runs much cooler than ps3

    • Fweds

      Runs cooler but unfortunately has a louder Blu-ray drive so watching a movie is going to be noisy.

  • Pony Destroyer


    • Shannon Novosel

      Won what the right too be second place again

    • Revolver Ocelot

      XBONE DOA.

  • justerthought

    This guys an idiot. Put a PS4 in a seal plastic container and it will overheat. Why not put it in the oven and watch it melt. I guess it will put a temporary smile on the face of some sad MS fanboy who’s desperately looking for some ammo to fire at PS4.

  • GK15

    Seems more like red light of warning

    • Allen

      Exactly like the Xbox 360s red dot of warning :-)

  • gerry barnaby film reviewer

    One If people bothered to read the article right you would realise the problem its not the ps4 system that’s at fault, its because you have a pc cpu which is running high on heat that has been put in a Acrylic case all day with not air to circulate, serious if some people had a brain you would realise this was the problem instead of jumping down sony for system failure already. It bound to seriously over heat like that if its in a Acrylic case

  • Wizard of Peace

    ITS CONFIRMED! Fake by the one truly Mr. Shuhei Yoshida

    • Fweds

      Do you think you are actually speaking to him ?. Lol

      • Wizard of Peace

        My question is how did i get 4 dislikes with a fact -_-

  • Rebel DeW

    It’s not actually ‘death’ it’s a warning state. Ergo, it tells you it’s overheating and goes into a safe mode, while displaying a heat warning on the screen. Whereas, the RRoD was the actual death of the console.

    The person who took the picture was actually from a show in Spain, where, as you can see, the PS4 is being held in a pretty small glass container with little to no ventilation.

    ““it had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a message on the screen saying that the console had a very high temperature. The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal color.“

    So stupid.. the case just a pathetic attempt by an Xbox “fanboy” and calling it death is just as.stupid as the dudes that built that case with no ventilation holes the system it self has plenty of vents.

    I would imagine any consoles placed in a case that small in relation to their size, would have serious heat issues.

  • Rebel DeW

    lol have anyone heard this before?…
    Microsoft on Xbox One vertical orientation: “Do it at your own risk”
    The Xbox One won’t support vertical orientation, and could damage the console.

    • xboxloyalsoldier


    • Fweds

      Why are you using FUD? This has nothing to do with the Xbox.

  • mathMaticks

    Damn,,, M$ is getting desperate..

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • James

    It’s always a risk to take console early and its still a bit of a concern for me specially considering how small the PS4 is. I sure hope there won’t be overheating problems. I’ll most probably take an extended warranty anyway.

  • Justin Rebar

    “Usually lit up in blue, the PS4 was on display in an unventilated plastic case when the blue light turned red. ”

    Who puts a game system in a case with no air flow? Idiots.

    • Fweds

      Who says it wasn’t vented? This was at a Sony event so I Would think those cases would be vented.

      • Justin Rebar

        Did you read the article? I didnt make that up myself.

  • kbd013

    I have a bad feeling this will plague a lot of people. I hope not I want my PS4 to last ):

    • Allen

      From comments above the entire quote was:

      “it had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a message on the screen saying that the console had a very high temperature. The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal color.“

      Two Seconds after the case was opened. Damn dude

    • Akexwer

      Sony just cleared this rumor and even said they didn’t put any red-light in the system. Don’t be dumb, stop believing everything you read; Microsoft fanboys are re**** and think an Xbox One can even outperform a PC. Because they say that, you won’t believe it, will you?

  • 00killer123

    Keep in mind it’s in a sealed plastic box. No duh it’s going to get hot, so don’t reconsider getting a ps4, a least it won’t destroy itself by not letting you know.

    • 00killer123

      Almost considering that sony did this on purpose to showcase the overheating feature, cuz seriously what we’ll known gaming company puts their prized console in a sealed container????

  • Knight Rider
  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    Damn thats 1 smart machine!!! It tells u When its To warm or doesnt have any airflow, wow!!! XD There display is pretty stupid, putting it in something with no airflow, especially since it runs on even less power then a PS3!!!! I Love how the light isnt just for show!

  • raine204

    i’d like to see any piece of equipment…hell even a life form put into an unventilated clear plastic case as shown in the above picture and made to work its guts out for an extended period of time and still expect to perform flawlessly.
    Even if its true that it Red-Lined… still was operational…..sounds like its more of an “Hey Fuktard!!! YA YOU!! I’M Hot in here, how about you shut me down for abit bro…..” than an actual RoD/YLoD issue.
    But whatev’s.

  • trfe

    I can’t wait until Sony consoles start failing because they focused on making the system small instead of packing it with fans like Microsoft.

    • logik893

      believe it or not, some stores put the console in clear plasitc casings to showcase the games. it is actually common here, although the box has tiny holes around, but still, not enough ventilation if you ask me. point is, its not not uncommon for stores like best buy and such to have the systems fully on display on clear cases. they just dont wamt the public to touch the actual console.
      now about the line. even though it has been confirmed as a rumor. it would be a good idea for Sony to have a warning if the system is running too hot. better be safe than sorry

  • usrev

    I honestly think the console looks better with the red, from a cosmetic standpoint, if I can change the light color to red i’d be happy.

  • IndieStation4

    lol if this was the Xbox One all the Sony fanboys would have been having a field day with it, but since they have Sony’s cock all up in their mouth. They blame it on on the box.

  • Kerim Temel

    to be honest I prefer the red color instead of the blue!











    • Clarke

      That was hilarious, I bet you will get a lot of bites.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      …WHAT THE F*CK?

  • Izhan Shafiq

    Few days ago i went to a gaming convention and hey had running drive club and play room running on actual ps4 hardware.It was running for almost 7 hours straight without rest and it was opened not in a glass or plastic even there was barely 5 cm between ps4 and the wall it was cold as ice.Felt like touching someone it had running on body temperature.Air was even cold.Although the ambient temp was like 30 C

  • Blahh

    sony fans are so god damn annoying if it was Microsoft that had the problem it wouldve been because xbox sucks… but its sony …. oh it was in a sealed case …… oh because the xbox one hasnt been in a seal case either when shown.

    • B_Boss

      Dude lol…irrational emotional rant aside, honestly and scientifically, if you put ANY high output machine, be it xbox one, 360, ps3, etc etc etc etc…..ANY machine if said quality in a thick, secure, unventilated box OF COURSE it will overheat if not have a stroke lol. Its common sense. Anything that is perceived as ‘negative’ quickly gets picked up in order to “payback” sony without doing a bit of common sense fact checking lol. It shows true motive and its disgusting.

      I’d honestly rather have/read about a REAL issue with the PS4, not this click-bait.

      • MSJoshRaskSONY

        Google what launch games won’t be available at launch if you want an issue.

  • xboxloyalsoldier

    suck it sony bots, don’t try and damage control this, paybacks a bitch!!

  • Mcknightz

    Is weird that even every local Sony center near my town has sealed their PS3 in the transparent plastic box for 10 hours, everyday since day one. So when i went to PAX Prime, seeing the PS4 in the plastic case is pretty normal to me. Is pretty warm in the box too.

  • DiamondCreeper64

    Haha, idiots.
    These guys are kidding, also if this is accurate.
    You seem not to realize there is a plastic box surrounding the console.
    That blocks nearly all ventilation.

  • The PS4 is awesome anyway.

  • Tiago Obami

    being a rumour or not I find funny how people get offended by something like this.
    Idiots, like Sony care about you, just close your eyes and give them your money.
    In the end, if something like this actually happens people will laugh at you for being stupid again and you’ll probably buy the inevitable Slim Version coming 2015/2016

  • Carpetfluff

    Yep, most consoles would complain if you lock them in a brightly lit plastic box with no ventilation. I realise some people do similar things with their consoles at home because they don’t know better, but there’s no current reason to assume it’s going to become some widespread problem.

  • DK Kevin

    wat the hell!!is him dont wan his ps4 already?= =just put inside the empty air box…and dont care….?ZZZ GIVE ME LA!!U FK IDIOT!!if no reason dont call this is red light of death,is red light of ur idiot brain…

  • Pete

    Just got new ps4 at midnight release… started system update and system crashed… now all I get is red line abd shuts down… Called Sony, apparently my fans are dead. They won’t turn on and bottom of ps4 is scorching hot! Will try and replace at bb.

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