Will Sony focus on New Ways to Play with the PS4?

by William Schwartz


When thinking about the next generation of consoles it’s only natural to focus on the power of the new systems. Rumors have been many over recent months concerning the PS4, it’s power, and how it’ll stack up to Microsoft’s next-gen offering.

However, Sony might not be focused on delivering the most raw power with the PS4. According to a report from Engadget, the company might be focusing on capturing your living room in more ways than just gaming. The website reports that an unnamed Sony Computer Entertainment official has told them that the PlayStation 4 “will act as more of a home entertainment hub than what we’ve seen in the past.”

Rumor has it that Sony is looking to turn the PS4 into a “nerve center” for home entertainment, offering new ways to play, share, and connect with other devices. To date, the PlayStation 4 has been rumored to include so many features that it’s hard to keep track of every one of them that this new console is alleged to have.

Hopefully, later this month when Sony hold it’s PlayStation event on the 20th, we’ll find out how many of these have been rumors, and how much of it, if any, is fact.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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