AOTF Podcast #28: New Giveaway, Nintendo NX and Zelda Craziness, and the VR Hype Train

by Kyle Hanson

Only a few short days after our PAX East extravaganza, Will and I are back with AOTF Podcast #28. After the slow news week we had last time, it’s surprising just how much has happened in the last couple of days. The biggest attention getter was definitely Nintendo, but before that we have a special giveaway.

Dreadnought, our favorite upcoming space combat game, is entering its Closed Beta and we have a bunch of keys to giveaway. In the podcast we announce one key, and instructions for the other. This means you’ll be emailing podcast[at] once again, but be sure to listen to make sure you follow all the instructions. And, of course, you can still enter in our regular Dreadnought Beta giveaway right here.

On the Nintendo front, even a massive fan like myself has been baffled by some of their decisions as of late. The Nintendo NX is officially coming in March 2017, an odd release date, but not too crazy. What really takes things into the absurd is that the console will not be shown off at E3. This means Nintendo is looking to host their own event for the system, with no major event where press and fans can check it out.

Along with this comes yet another Zelda delay, pushing the game back in order to launch it on the NX. Pulling a Twilight Princess isn’t too surprising, but for those who bought a Wii U expecting at least a single exclusive Zelda title, Nintendo has nothing but apologies.

Not all news was Nintendo related though, with Hidetaka Miyazaki announcing the end of Dark Souls. I’m not really buying it though, and expect a full return to the series, once Miyazaki works out some creative fun in a new IP.

Meanwhile Call of Duty is looking to possibly shake things up this year. The rumors all point to some kind of remastering of older titles, though the extent is still very much in question. CoD4: Modern Warfare is a safe bet, but we could be seeing a year without a new Call of Duty, with fans getting a remastered collection instead.

Other news topics include: our Overwatch interview and that game’s upcoming open beta, PS4 doubling Xbox One sales, and more. We also discuss what we played this week, with Will ogling some amazing 4K ORi and the Blind Forest, and coming away from the latest Hitman episode very conflicted. I spent my week enjoying my new Vive, which has really shown the promise of the technology.


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- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018