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Dreadnought Beta Key Giveaway

| April 28, 2016

Dreadnought Beta Key Giveaway News  PC GAMES PAX East Dreadnought

If you’ve been a fan of this site for a while, then you know that we are pretty excited for the release of Dreadnought. This multiplayer spaceship combat game thoroughly impressed us at past conventions, with us putting up multiple impressions articles, and even an interview with the developer. The game won us over thanks to its slow, methodical combat that totally elicits the feeling of commanding a Battlestar Galactica style ship.

The game has been in a very Closed Alpha for some time, but has just transitioned to the official Closed Beta. This means more players, and servers that are active almost all the time. And thankfully, we have a bunch of extra codes to giveaway to all of you. I can’t say exactly how many we have, but it’s at least more than 10, so your odds are actually pretty good at snagging one. But, of course, we aren’t just tossing these things out there for anyone to use.

Here’s how this will work, we will pick, at random, people who have left a comment below on this article, and/or people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel and left a comment on this video. We’ll also be giving away a few during our podcast, so be sure to listen to Episode 28 for instructions on how to get those. The winners will be chosen totally randomly, so if you want the code, you better do all three if you want to increase your odds. We’ll pick winners over the next few days, and will contact you via whatever method you have on the account that wins, so be sure to check it later on.

We got these codes while at PAX East 2016, so also be sure to check out any other articles linked to the convention. We might toss a code or two to commenters on those articles, or their videos.

Dreadnought is a free-to-play game that is looking for release on PC later this year.

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  • narlan

    gl hf

  • Facts First

    ME ME

  • Adam Mercer

    Game looks great

  • Tris375

    This game looks great, would love a beta key!

  • Pygoz

    Looks awesome, would love a key

  • Pygoz

    Awesome, I’d love it

  • Matthew Maher


  • APS_C

    Attack of the Fanboy??? ATTACK OF THE DREADNOUGHT!!! Great coverage so far team.

  • HoDANG

    HoDAAANNGG!! Sick game. Hope I can get in on some of this. Thanks.

  • Alim Nazarali

    looks like a fun game. interested in trying it!

  • Chris McCray

    Game looks pretty awesome, was watching some streams of it today!

  • Nick

    Hope I can get a key

  • Praetos

    GL! awesome looking game. Cheers.

  • Ex Dreamer

    Thanks for the key:)

  • The Omnislayer

    This game looks fantastic. A friend told me about it like a year ago, and I wasn’t sure what happened to it. I’m glad it’s still coming.

  • Neuling91
  • Chris Monaco

    gimme gimme pls

  • Valkyan

    Key? Awww yisss

  • Mahmood Razah

    here’s hoping i get a key, doubt i will never that lucky lol

  • Richard Zheng

    Thanks for sharing the codes!

  • Sam Tahvanainen

    I would like a key :)

  • RubbixCube .

    Let the games begin

  • JeXus

    I’m looking forward to set for ramming speed, hook me up and we’ll make it happen!

  • Johan Englund

    Maybe the force is with me on this one.

  • monocit S


  • Schwarze

    Would be great if you could give us your opinion on Dreadnought! And also, have you ever do an overview about Crossout?

  • Neuling91
  • Luis Perez

    Can i have a code please?

  • Mora Ricardo

    Hi I sell acount and code alpha contact

  • EmptiMind

    Comment. I like space ships, and airships. This is like the best of both worlds.

  • Brandon Limkemann

    *wave! Let me in!!!

  • iregisteredtocomment

    gimmeeeeee :D :D

  • InterestingJohn

    I’ve really been looking forward to this game!

  • Stefan Dragicevic

    Dreadnought is op!

  • Mała Migotka

    mememe :)

  • Голд Голдман

    i’ve really been looking forward to this game

  • Gregory Grubbs

    Ive been there since Alpha one, I feel you guys though its the same slow tactical combat that really pulled me in, the epic scale is so well done! I wish I had made it to Pax this year to get my own keys!

  • Andrew Goncalves

    The guild I helped created over 3 years ago is named Dreadnought if that isnt foreshadowing of me getting a key i don’t know what else is lol.

  • Matthew Phillips

    plz giv me key

  • DaWobble


  • R2d2

    Been watching a couple of streams of this and it looks amazing!

  • I love trying out beta’s and adding insight, having a key would be nice!

  • DualDragonj

    Shuting my eyes real tight, wishing to get a key

  • Sabin Florin Sacaleanu

    I can’t wait to try the game out! :)

  • LordOfMalice

    Pick me pick me.

  • Matthew Alexander Ecock

    if the codes haven’t gone out yet, gl everyone!

  • Ryan

    If theres any left please

  • <('.'<)

  • CliffHanger


  • Toad

    GL everyone

  • nikolaos

    Good luck to everyone

  • SMG

    Can i have a key plz?

  • Spinichiwa

    Looks great

  • I’ll give it a try!

  • firedragonlordz

    This is a Comment


    I want this key

  • Ikou

    Are you still giving out codes? cause I am dying to play this

  • Grigory Synusik

    123 me me

  • Corwin Berry

    It looks pretty epic.It’s like pew pew boom eve style.

  • illmaticone

    Awesome!!! Been waiting to play this since I first saw it at Pax!!!

  • Shaun Eumont

    I would llllooooove a beta key. please? D:

  • dick wilson


  • Mogem

    i would love to get an an ex NAVO on the cdn navy i think this game would be up my ally


    I would like so much play this game ! It’s look great !

  • cchance

    Would really appreciate a key if available

  • Jason MacRae

    This is my official entry for the drawing

  • Drtirder

    Would love to get in on that beta!

  • Dhruv Goel

    I would like one

  • asd

    like what

  • krumpets

    always wanted to play this game

  • Pegee

    Possible to have a key??? I would like to play with my team mates!!

  • WT

    would love a key into this awesome piece of art..

  • merin

    Got 3 keys from .If you want i can share one.(Only for game addicts)

  • joshua


  • William Quinones

    Beta Key!

  • mark harris

    click bait , you dont have any codes , good con though

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