PS4 Wins November and is the Nintendo Switch Even Real? AOTF Podcast #46

by Kyle Hanson


It’s been an eventful few weeks in video games, so it was time for Will and I to sit down once again and talk about all the stuff that’s going on out there. It’s the AOTF Podcast #46, and we’re as salty as ever. Not really. Actually we’ve seen a lot of great gaming news and releases over the last few weeks, but we’re still pretty cynical, which is probably how you want it.

On this podcast we dive right into news, with NPD numbers releasing right before we recorded. PS4 won the month, usurping the spot that Xbox One had held for a few months solid now. This isn’t a shock of course, as Xbox One was winning mostly off the back of the Xbox One S. With Sony releasing two new consoles in the last couple of months with the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, expect to see it on the top for some time. Unless, of course, Microsoft tosses out some amazing bargains again this year, that’s usually their method, and it’s earned them a couple of holiday season victories.

It’s also been over a week since The Game Awards aired. Will and I were able to watch the show only by skipping over the long segments of boredom and cheesiness. Honestly, the show just doesn’t work for me on a number of levels. The awards seemed fine enough, but the whole presentation just feels wrong in a bunch of different ways. Listen to the podcast and let me know if you agree.

What did work for me was seeing the Nintendo Switch on The Tonight Show. The console might not end up working out, but that presentation was solid. Will disagrees, thinking that there might have been some trickery going on. We don’t have long to wait to see who was right though.

With a couple of weeks between podcasts we were actually able to play a lot of good games. After years of waiting I got to finally play and review The Last Guardian. This game is definitely contentious with myself and many other praising it as GOTY worthy, while others argue that the control and camera issues drag the whole thing down. Pokemon Sun and Moon also hit, and have occupied a ton of my time, while Will got to check out a different 3DS game in Super Mario Maker.

Overall though, we’re still feeling a little lost this year. There have been good games, but none that hit us and really stuck. Are you still playing a 2016 game religiously? Let us know what it is, and maybe we’ll try to hop back on it.


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