Attack of the Fanboy

Dead Space 3 Feeders will overwhelm you

by William Schwartz


One of the new enemy types in Dead Space 3 will be the Feeder Necromorph.  Said to have evolved from the isolated colonists on Tau Volantis, who resorted to a unique form of cannibalism, the Feeders are a distinct type of Necromorph mutation that travel in packs and nest in masses.

Feeders will track you with their sense of smell, and you’ll have a number of options that allow you to take them head-on or try to sneak through their midst. Game Informer says “A smart player will scope out the environment and lay a few traps before he picks a fight with a feeder, because once enraged feeders send out a call to its entire brood.”

Dead Space 3 is set to arrive in early 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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