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Honest Hearts Screenshots Roll In From The Wasteland

by William Schwartz


The Honest Hearts DLC Add-on for Fallout: New Vegas is just around the corner.  Before you get the opportunity to play through the latest content installment for the game, Bethesda has released these screenshots for your enjoyment.  Honest Hearts will put you in the middle of Utah’s Zion National Park where your caravan has been attacked by a band of tribal Raiders.  Fighting your way back to the Mojave, you’ll become embedded in a war between tribes and become familiar with the mysterious “Burned Man”.

Bethesda also noted that the new content will feature an array of new terrains, containing steep canyon walls, caves to explore, riverbeds, waterfalls, and other lush landscapes of the Zion Canyon.  You’ll also encounter plenty of new enemies in this new campaign, and be given ample opportunity to explore the new perks and weapons in the content to push back these tribal savages.

The Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Add-on will be available in under a week on May 17th  on Xbox Live, PSN, and PCs.

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