Attack of the Fanboy

The God of War Art You Never Saw

by William Schwartz


To create a world as rich and beautiful as the one that was created for God of War III, the artists at Sony Santa Monica drew up plenty of concept art for the game.  Thankfully, they didn’t ball it up and pitch into the trash cans once they were finished, and had the foresight to know that fans would love to see some of the crazy concepts for some of the most prominent figures of the game and the changes they went through before SSM finalized the game.

Ballistic Publishing is releasing The Art of God of War III.  A perfect coffee table book to reference when sitting around the well, uh, coffee table, and discussing games as art.  The book is available in three different forms: Limited Folio Edition ($300), Special Edition ($129) Paper Back ($65)  Free Edition (Below).  Please note, free edition is not as impressive on your coffee table as others.

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