Most Expensive Pokémon TCG Cards Ever Sold

Check your basements because if you have one of these laying around, you might be able to sell them at a hefty price!

by John Carlo Vijuan
Pristine 10 Charizard in Pawn Stars
Image: Leftfield Pictures Trifecta Entertainment & Media (Pawn Stars)

If collecting Pokémon TCG cards is your hobby, you might hope that at least one of your cards has a high value so you can reimburse a few bucks for your collection. Some collectors treat Pokémon TCG packs as loot boxes, which are always a “go big or go home” situation. You either get the big money or none. However, many underestimate the money people are willing to let go of for these cards, especially for limited prints. Here’s a list of the most expensive Pokémon TCG cards sold in the world.

Poliwrath No-Rarity Symbol – $25,015

Image: Creatures Inc.

With next to zero value upon its release, the first set of Poliwrath has no rarity print, which makes it unique. There’s only a handful of these cards out there, considering we only saw one with a pristine PSA- Gem Mint 10 condition. Naturally, this card drew the attention of collectors during the PWCC auction, selling for about $25,015. Many fans consider this no-rarity print the earliest version of Poliwrath. Couple that with the condition of the card, and you have an excellent investment.

Magikarp Promo (Tamamushi University) – $66,100

Image: Creatures Inc.

Imagine winning a supposedly ordinary card through a magazine promo, only to discover that it will skyrocket in value years later. That’s what the Magikarp promo card hype is all about. This card came from Shogakukan’s Magazines’ contest in Japan for students. It wasn’t just a simple contest either—students must pass various tests and then would have to go to Osaka to participate in a Pokémon card tournament. Winners of the tournament received the Magikarp promo card as their prize

Pokémon Promo No. 2 Trainer World Championships – $110,100

Image: Creatures Inc.

Being the best of the best has perks and sometimes, that’s a rare Pokémon card. The Pokémon Promo No. 2 Trainer World Championships card is an award for the winners of the World Championship in Anaheim, California. Only three of these cards exist, and due to their rarity, it barely goes on sale. When one finally appeared in an auction, fans and collectors rejoiced and celebrated with over 150 bids. The price skyrocketed to $110,100 during the auction.

Blastoise Presentation Galaxy Star Holo – $360,000

Image: Creatures Inc.

Originally a “presentation-only” card, this Blastoise is a creation of Wizards of the Coast, which aims to represent what a TCG pack would look like in its final print. Many fans believe that only two of these cards exist. While one has been out and around in public, the other’s condition and location are unknown. Knowing that possibly only two exist, the value of this card can go up even further as time passes.

First Edition Charizard Shadowless – $420,000

Image: Creatures Inc.

Mistakes in prints have always been a gem in the collection community. They’re super rare and succeeding versions or prints do not have those errors anymore. This is the case with the first edition Charizard, specifically the Shadowless print. The Shadowless print is an early print of the iconic starter Pokémon, meaning that the shadow around the border does not exist. There are only 121 Charizard cards in the world with a prestigious Gem Mint 10 PSA rating, hence the rarity and value of this card.

Japanese Topsun Charizard Blue Back – $493,230

Image: Creatures Inc.

Before you start blasting us that this card is not an official TCG card, collectors still debate whether this is part of the TCG collection. There were rumors that Creature Inc. initially manufactured this card a whole year before the official release of the TCG collection. The only problem with this claim was that stores sold this card a year after the TCG release, further complicating the situation. Whether you believe Topsun Charizard is part of the Pokémon TCG or not, it’s fact that a Gem Mint 10 PSA rating version of this card sold for $493,230.

Japanese Promo Illustrator Holo CoroCoro Comics (Pikachu Card) – $6,000,000

Image: Creatures Inc.

You might have seen this card in Logan Paul’s first-ever WWE entrance as a wrestler in Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all. Logan Paul bought this card from a mystery seller in exchange for a PSA 9 Pikachu Illustrator plus $4,000,000! Corocoro had artists compete against each other, where winners could grab this soon-to-be illustrious prize. With the added prestige of a “Wrestlemania-worn” card, an auction sold it for around $6,000,000, which makes it the most expensive Pokémon TCG card ever sold.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023