Will the eBay Authentication Service for Rare Pokemon Cards Work? Is it Reliable?

eBay reveals Pokemon card authentication service.

by Gordon Bicker


eBay has recently unveiled a new service that will authenticate your purchases of rare Pokemon cards and allow you to have peace of mind when they are being delivered to you that they are genuine cards. However, the question remains…does it actually work? The process through which eBay carries out the authentication leads me to believe that it does and at the very least it makes the purchasing of rarer cards a lot safer than what it has been. This new service without a doubt will observe a lot of utilisation so this guide will discuss the eBay Pokemon card authentication service in full including how it works and why it can be observed as being reliable for sellers and buyers.

How the Pokemon Card Authentication Service Works

The Pokemon card authentication service works through a particular procedure that ensures the genuine nature of the cards being purchased. The authentication service is tied to trading cards as a whole and not just Pokemon cards, eBay has made the following statement on what the authentication process is:

“When a service-eligible trading card purchase is made, the seller ships it directly to a team of third-party authenticators at Certified Collectibles Group – including its affiliates, CGC Trading Cards and Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG) – for a comprehensive, multi-point physical inspection. Following this rigorous assessment, the card is sent via expedited shipping to the buyer or seller.”

Notably, the cards will be sent to a team of qualified assessors who ensure the reliability of the card you are purchasing and it goes through “rigorous” checks which allow for safety in buying the trading cards. Afterwards, it is then sent with fast shipping to either the consumer or the seller who has the card. With the recent release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, it will be likely there will be a bloom in the purchasing of Pokemon cards so this authentication service has arrived at the ideal time.

Is the Pokemon Card Authentication Service Reliable?

In the simplest terms, the authentication service is reliable. This is due to who assesses the cards, it is completed by a qualified team and there will be a likely zero tolerance for error when checking the cards. This will ensure the highest standard of any rare card that you choose to sell or purchase.

The authentication service furthermore only applies on (any trading) cards above the range of $750 for the U.S. The question remains of when the service will expand into other regions but generally, if a purchase is made through the U.S. then the card will likely still go through the authentication service. Pokemon cards are being sold on the platform frequently with it surely being part of the factor as to why the authentication service was launched. In conclusion, the authentication service will protect you as a buyer (or a seller) that your card is genuine and you don’t have to worry about getting a card that isn’t real and your money being in the hands of those who chose to forge a card.

The eBay trading card authentication service is available now.

- This article was updated on January 28th, 2022

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