Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Time: When Does the Game Unlock on Switch?

Pokemon Legends of Arceus is set for release!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Legends Arceus is set for release on the 28th of January with eager fans wanting to dive into the experience as soon as possible. Set in the Hisui region, every step you take will feel brand new as you venture through what looks set to be an enthralling environment with mystery and discovery encapsulated throughout the world. Whether you are deciding upon what starter Pokemon you want when you start the game for the first time or simply just watching all of the trailers released time and time again until the game releases. This guide article will inform you of the Pokemon Legends Arceus release time throughout various regions.

When Pokemon Legends Arceus Unlocks on Switch — The Release Time

The release time varies across multiple regions and thus people will be able to start playing the game at different times across the world. The general release date is the 28th of January as aforementioned however there is an exception to that. For people who are on the West Coast of North America then the release time will be today at 9pm PST. However, for those on the East Coast, it will be available at midnight, specifically 0:01 Am on the 28th.

As for Europe and the UK, the release time is also midnight at 0:01 Am. Whatever region you are starting to play the game in, you will be grabbing the bonus outfits in no time and starting to venture through the great expanse of the Hisui Region. The next instalment of the Pokemon franchise is nearly here and it will be a thrill to observe it grow and evolve over the years with fans flocking to the scene of every update.

Will you be playing Pokemon Legends Arceus this month?

Pokemon Legends Arceus will be available on Nintendo Switch on the 28th of January.

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