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Capcom Reveals New Street Fighter x Tekken Characters

by William Schwartz

More exciting news and sexy videos are out from the San Diego Comic-Con, but this time they’re from Capcom.

In this new trailer for Capcom’s upcoming crossover Street Fighter x Tekken, we see new fighters joining the already exciting looking cast.

Poison joins the cast, although never being a playable character in a Street Fighter game. An interesting choice — but considering her pink hair, cut-off shorts and fierce looking fighting style…I’ll let it slide.

Next, we see the inclusion of my favorite Tekken character, Yoshimitsu. I can’t wait to be spin kicking and pogo sticking around everyone who gets in my way.

The trailer also includes footage from Steve Fox of Tekken and Dhalism’s stretchy arms from Street Fighter.

Although this trailer and previous videos (as well as my hands on with the game at E3) has had me excited about Street Fighter x Tekken’s release, the way Capcom seems to be conducting business it may be wiser for me to wait for Super Hyper Ultra Street Fighter x Tekken Arcade HD Turbo Tournament Edition Remix.

Street Fighter x Tekken is set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC next year .

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