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Starhawk Story Trailer

| April 27, 2012

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One thing that Light Box’s last title for the PlayStation 3 didn’t have was a story to supplement the multiplayer combat of Warhawk.  This time around, they’re taking a different approach with the game, setting up a full-fledged story of Rift energy and warring factions in Starhawk.

You’ll also notice from the trailer that the guy from Bastion has made his way into the game, as the voice of Emmett Graves.  Emmett Graves is a rift salvager, a hired gun who has a reputation for eliminating threats and saving claims. There has been no job too tough for him and his crew to tackle, but when a new contract sends him back to his old hometown of White Sands, Emmett is all that stands between it’s salvation and a War Band lead by an infamous Outlaw .

Starhawk is due out exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on May 8th from LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica.

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  • Bigjershby

    i really want this game its like battlefield and halo had a baby but i still dont have twisted metal

    so many games and im not even started ploting how ima get bioshock and AC3

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