Halo 6 Won’t Be At Gamescom This Year Either

by Dean James
Halo 5

Following the release of Halo 5: Guardians back in the fall of 2015, people have been wondering how long it may be until we see the next entry in the series. With the Xbox One Project Scorpio coming out later this year, a lot of people thought we might see  a release of a Halo 6 alongside it. After it was already confirmed that would not be the case and it wouldn’t show up at E3 this year recently, it has now been said that it won’t make an appearance at Gamescom either.

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As we told you the other day, Brian Jarrard, community manager at 343 Industries, responded on Reddit the other day under his username Sk7ch343 to say that the tease that was given for something Halo related at E3 would not be the next major entry in the series, with him also putting to bed rumors of a Halo 3 Anniversary announcement as well.

Someone made a separate thread on the Halo subreddit linking to Jarrard’s initial posts, which led to someone saying “No beta this year? Perhaps announced at Gamescom to open up room for other things at E3?” Jarrard responded to this post as well by simply saying “Definitely not.”

With Jarrard stating that Halo 6 will not be revealed at E3 or Gamescom, that pretty much solidifies that we won’t be seeing anything from 343 Industries about Halo 6 in 2017. Microsoft’s presence in Japan is so minimal that the Tokyo Game Show certainly would be a venue to show it off. Unless they were to hold an event later in the year specifically to announce it along with more details about the Scorpio after E3, it’s looking like we’re going to be waiting until at least 2018 for any Halo 6 news.

With Halo 6 off the table, the focus for 343 Industries the rest of the year is likely going to be continuing support of Halo Wars 2, so hopefully we get some good information on that at E3.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2018